101 Intimacy part 2

All of the shots below were taken in the same room. I was lucky in the fact that there was a large open front window and to the rear of the house a very open conservatory giving a great deal of soft natural light. I nearly always use speedlights for wedding shoots, in this case I was using Nikon SB800s, but depending on the situation I like to use them sparingly or at least not in a direct sense, especially in-doors. This being a perfect example,

I’m trying to achieve a sense of depth in the shots, so I’m shooting with a shallow depth of field; trying to draw the viewers eyes to specific point in the shots. Although theres good natural light, giving soft edges to shadows and generally being very complimentary, I don’t want blur, well at least not too much, so I’m using the Nikon SB800 with a Lumiquest Ultra-bounce and firing it straight at the ceiling on 1/8 or 1/4 power and shooting in Aperture Priority mode. Shooting this way requires a lot of concentration. Your shutter speeds are still low, so you need have a good hold of the camera.


The exception is the shot of the stylist working on the one of the guests. Never be afraid to switch off the flash. With this shot I turned of the SB800 and changed the camera metering to spot and exposed on the subjects.

I was very pleased with this work. If you look at the shots, there are no hard shadows ( a pet hate of mine), it looks natural. You can get in close to the subjects without cremating their retinas. I shot this with a Sigma 28-70 f2.8 on the Nikon D200 which gives you 42mm-105mm. This worked in my favour too, it essentially give most shots that classic 50mm look which I love and my clients were looking for. It’s very easy to shoot with an ultra wide lens to try and fit everything in, but you end up with every shot being ultra wide, you lose the intimacy, it becomes more of capturing a tableau rather than telling the story of the day through a series of intimate moments.

It is of course a case of each to their own, some clients may prefer that style, but I feel and my experience of 18 years backs up, that clients prefer intimacy.

More soon Kx


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